Once you make the payment, we will check and confirm the payment. After confirming, we will send you a link. By clicking on the same link, you can find the E-ticket receipt icon. Click and follow the icon. Now E-Ticket receipt is visible in front of you. You can download and print the E-ticket for future traveling.
In most cases, airline ticket fare is non-refundable; but in order to develop long term relations with our valuable customers, we give the relaxation while canceling the tickets. It depends on how much time you take to cancel the ticket, after 24 hours/48 hours/1 week. The whole process is given in terms and conditions. Please check the rules as mentioned on the ticket before purchasing an online one carefully or you can ask the consultant at the time of purchase. Our consultants will be happy to assist you with your queries. However, if we are unable to refund your money or if it has been more than 1 week, then the customer has to contact the related airline or hotel for their trip directly.
There are some specific rules and regulations for changing the destination. If you change your traveling destination after confirming the preceding ticket or add more people in your package etc., such kind of modifications requires you to pay extra fee for altering the same package. In this case, kindly contact our exchange agent on the mentioned number on our website and negotiate with our consultants. Please remember that in most cases a fee will be charged for any changes in your travel.

Please keep in mind that whatever changes you want in your traveling package, can be possibly done before 7 days of journey date. After that, we may deny any kind of exchange or alterations or changes will be restricted.

One more thing, on which you have to pay attention that in case of an exchange, only that itinerary will be provided which is followed by the same airline that issued the original ticket.
Although our traveling packages and airfares are the most reasonable and cheapest among all available top traveling websites, we guarantee our clients that in unusual cases if you are getting cheaper air packages, our responsive travel consultant team will surely provide you with best offers in every possible way to beat that quote.
Once a customer makes the payment, then the procedure of confirmation and issue of E-ticket will start. The whole procedure consumes at least 4-6 hours for the E-ticket to be issued for your trip. In crucial and emergency cases, we also issue the ticket immediately. Sometimes, there may be some technical issues, like the internet problem, website traffic or server issues. Under such circumstances, if you didn’t receive your E-Ticket at the specified time, you can call our booking team and solve your query anytime.